О компании [en]
About company


DNK Corporation sees its mission in the commitment of its employees to the principle of maximum customer’s satisfaction. Neither personal nor group interest can prevail over client’s interest, all our work is made for the client and on the client’s account

We are striving for development in all areas of our company’s business. The constant improvement is the natural state of our company.

We are constantly thinking of our Client. We are taking care of them. We respect their choice. We appreciate their trust. We love our Client. We are ready to be the best for them.

DNK Corporation aims at the adaptation under the conditions of dynamic market and is developing in accordance with the changing needs of our clients. Our colleagues do their best to reach it. Our company is built on the firm foundation, which is based on the best in its class technological solutions, staff‘s high qualification and innovative methodology of the rapprochement with the client. The mixture of these factors makes us a unique company, which is able to help the clients to reach their important aims.

Due to the education and the mentality of our colleagues we are building our business by the international standards. As opposed to many our competitors, working by the old «soviet» standards of the deficit period and administrative pressure, DNK Corporation uses the basic model of business dealing under the conditions of competitive environment, with free number of partners, uniformity of the products and services supplied and the limited number of consumers. Among the numerous advantages of DNK Corporation business, the constant updating of the clients’ services occupies the leading position. Even in the 1990s DNK Corporation provided for the goods supply all over the country and CIS. Now it is considered ordinary, but then it was exotica. Consequently the equipment consumers framed the demand for such service, and following us the other market companies started to offer the logistic services.

Our company was founded by the students of the post-perestroika period, by the people under 30 years old. Nowadays the average age of the employees is 30-40 years old. The basis of the company staff comprises people with the elite technical education, the graduates of the best country universities – Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National Research University of Electronic Technology, Moscow State Technical University, State Agrarian University, Moscow Civil Engineering Institute, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, MADI, etc. Among the company staff there are the Phds, holders of MBA, engineers with the special TV education. The quality of the DNK personnel work is similar to the quality of work of the specialists of such high-prestige manufacturing companies as Sony, Panasonic, Harmonic, Imagine Communications, Manfrotto, Cinegy, etc. Among the various advantages of DNK Corporation there is the high-class technical education of the employees, independence of the power structures and large business, the ability to solve any task without involvement of any administrative resources.

The signature style of the company implies the one stop principle: any of the managers is able to help a client to solve any questions. All the departments of the Corporation are commercially dependent, as the employees are financially dependent of their work results.

The main resource of DNK Corporation is the individual approach to a client. We are a trading and independent company, and our success depends on the level and quality of the company work with the clients only. The prosperity of our company relies on how the client evaluates our work, if they would return to us again, if they would recommend us to their colleagues and friends.

Every client of DNK Corporation is unique. We practice flexible approach to any customer: individual agreement, prices, discounts and terms. To possess the preferences that the others do not have is always prestigious, and we are doing our best to provide our clients with such preferences. The only thing that is stable in our work with a client is the equipment, delivered from all over the world: Sony, Ikegami cameras, etc, licensed software, standard cables – the products of the best world manufacturers.

Our business is based on the frequent work with the same customer. More than 80% of our deals are made with the clients working with us not once or twice, but for years and even decades. These people stay with DNK as they are satisfied with the quality of work of our colleagues. We are trying to retain our clients by constant increasing the level of our service. However, a client can easily leave us if they want.

We appreciate our work, we are proud of our projects, we follow the successful activity of our clients. They are all our prides when a new film equipped by our cameras or a new TV channel with a control room built by us goes on the air, or a football match is telecasted using our OB vehicle. We work in such way that, coming home in the evening, we could tell our children proudly about our work. So that our children could be proud of their parents and what they do.

Our aim is to be proud of the products produced by us and to enjoy our work.